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We are  on a mission to reduce human-

caused bear mortality and human-wildlife

conflict worldwide.

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Human-Wildlife Conflict Solutions

Hire a wildlife k-9 team

We offer solutions to human-wildlife conflict issues for government agencies, industry groups, and private entities. Our unique programs and techniques are founded in behavioral science and delivered by teams of biologists specializing in human-wildlife conflict, partnered with highly trained Wildlife K-9s for increased safety and effectiveness. We have worked across North America and Japan to reduce human-caused bear mortality and human-wildlife conflict since 1996 without injury to bear, human, or dog. We offer experience in field-work and in developing long term plans to reduce conflict. Contact us today to get a quote!


We offer consulting for government agencies, industry groups, and private entities. We specialize in “Bear Shepherding”, our successful, all-inclusive approach to addressing localized bear problems by teaching bears and people how to reduce conflicts in order to coexist on the landscape. Our techniques apply to other wildlife species including cougar, moose, and big horn sheep. We also offer breeding and training of Karelian Bear Dogs and training of other dog breeds, for safe and effective use as certified Wildlife K-9. Contact us today to begin taking steps towards creating a better world for wildlife, people, and dogs!

KBD Placement Application

We have bred for healthy, working Karelian Bear Dogs (KBD) and matched them by personality and skill sets to prospective owners, since 1996. We breed our top “Bear Conflict” level KBDs (working title “Wildlife K-9”) and then test each one of our puppies for working aptitude through our two week, intensive “Field Testing & Bear Testing Process”, we select and place our pups with qualified owners based on personality match and intended purpose: Bear Conflict, Bear Protection, and Companion dog. If you look around North America and Japan, you will see that we are the #1 source of working KBDs. This is because we don’t only produce the best dogs, but we have also developed the KBD and wildlife shepherding training techniques that are currently being used for human-wildlife conflict management. The wildlife K-9s and methods that we use include both tracking and pushing of problem wildlife. All of the KBDs and their owners, whether working or companion dog, are a part of our “Partners in Life Program”, and are a part of showing what committed human-dog partnerships are all about. Since 1996, we have tested and placed 18 litters of KBDs with great success; conducting over 800 bear actions per year without injury to bear, dog, or person. Our techniques were developed for use on bear species but many of the principles apply to other large and potentially dangerous wildlife including cougar, moose, and big horn sheep. Apply today for placement and join our team!

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You can help protect wildlife, humans, and support our unique Wildlife K-9 Program today with a donation to the Wind River Bear Institute. Your individual support of our all-inclusive approach to human-wildlife conflict can make a world of difference. As Rudyard Kipling wrote: “…For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack….” Want to make a memorial or honor gift? Contact us directly.

Sponsor a wildlife k-9

Your generous donation to one of our Program Wildlife K-9s can make all the difference! By sponsoring a Wildlife K-9, you are supporting this individual dog, allowing it to continue doing the important work that these dogs do. All donations will go to your dog of choice and help us ensure that our working dogs have the best food, health care, and working equipment available. All Donations big and small help make a difference for these dogs. Consider sponsoring one of our Wildlife K-9s today and join our cause!

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Wind River Bear Institute


The Wind River Bear Institute was founded in 1996 by innovative bear biologist, Carrie Hunt. Over the course of her career, Hunt changed the face of human bear conflict management by developing and conducting the first trials of the capsicum-based “bear spray”, rubber bullets on bears, and the use of Karelian Bear Dogs for “Bear Shepherding” as non-lethal bear deterrents. Her goal was to “teach” both wildlife and people how to coexist. We are proud to carry on her legacy.

Meet the team

Meet our staff and the amazing Wildlife K-9s that make our work possible. We are a small group of highly specialized human-wildlife conflict biologists and dog handlers that work to prevent or reduce human-caused bear/wildlife mortality and wildlife conflict across North America and Japan by teaching wildlife and teaching people how to coexist. Our goal is to expand the use of our programs and techniques into new areas worldwide.